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Carman Licciardello

Christian Music Artist Carman

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When Carman entered Heaven he joined the angels in worship. He wrote the lyrics and melody for over 200 various songs. Some were Bible stories, some spiritual warfare, some worship. What do you think was the first song he sang when he got there?
"There is a reason Christianity is violently opposed in our world while other religions and philosophies are tolerated. Christianity is violently opposed by some people because only in Christianity is there an absolute right and wrong. People hate the Bible and Christianity because of the law of God." -CARMAN
Here's Carman with his only nephew Joe Magliato during Christmas. When Carman left this earth, he was preparing for a very full couple of years and then some. His ministry will still be full. We have so much planned and so much to announce. Carman may not be here in human form but the most important thing about his legacy is that he was anointed. As we enter 2022, who's ready for a move of God like we've never seen before? As Carman said, "Who's ready to tear down walls that have held you captive tonight?" It's happening. A fresh move of the Holy Spirit is coming!
This kid from the gritty streets of New Jersey became one of the most well known singers in Christian music. But the thing he cared about the most, is that millions will be in Heaven, because of his passion and life's focus. ♥️ In the upcoming movie about Carman's life, you will get to watch him grow up and see just what obstacles he hurdled over to begin and finish his pursuit of souls. There is so much you don't know... but you will.
Carman believed this throughout his entire ministry. Still, God catapulted him to become one of the most famous Christian recording artists of his day and of all time. Shattering records. Why? Because he truly believed that if he lifted up the name of Jesus, God would bring the people. Yes, Carman was effective.
No one was cooler than this guy :) We Love you Carman, and we miss you. Some exciting things are happening with this movie. If you want to stay up to date on casting, volunteer opportunities, filming schedule, etc... better sign up!
"The looks they give are priceless, but so's this look on mine."
Anyone else miss him? We sure do.
This movie about Carman's life will not only show you who this magnificent person really was, but will renew your spirit and restore your mind. How many of you are ready for a brand new, fresh move of the Holy Spirit? I'm not talking about this this candy-coated stuff we hear today, but a complete, old school revival where the one in control is Jesus. It's coming.
Uncle Carman with his great niece, Annalisa. Today is her birthday. She was 6, today she’s 26! This feels like yesterday, sometimes we wish it was yesterday. As a child she would have asked him a simple question like, Uncle Carm do they celebrate birthdays in heaven? Today it would be something deeper. Uncle Carm what do you know now that you wish we knew?  If we could just ask him one more question….Can’t you just hear him saying don’t give up, look up.  We still miss him, every single day 💜
Let's have some fun. We want your thoughts... who do you think would be a good choice to play Carman in the movie, "One More: The Legacy of Carman"? I know this is an impossible questions to answer but think about it, and tell us!
This exciting movie is happening and YOU CAN BE A PART of Carman's continued pursuit of reaching souls for the kingdom! Let's do this!
Today marks 6 months since the world lost a gospel legend. He was many things to many people. To us he was our beloved Uncle Carman.  We know he wouldn’t come back for anything now, but today is just as hard as the first 💜  "For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; 'he will lead them to springs of living water.' 'And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes. '"Revelation 7:17
Uncle Carman at 19! Always making everything FUN. This is Carman holding one of his beloved nieces, Danielle in 1975 💜 Carman would always get us to make silly faces at their dad, his brother Mario.
Carman with his niece Tiffany who was working on the RIOT tour with him. Hectic schedule, no breaks. Carman took her out for a fancy dinner just the 2 of them! And the BEST Uncle Award goes to... 🏆
1976- This is Carman and his only nephew Joey.  By the look on Joey's face Uncle Carm was his hero. Carman was the best man and Joey was the ring bearer in the wedding. Carman and Joey were sharing a bunk at the time. Carman was awake praying and asking the Lord if he should ask the girl he was dating to marry him... Joey was having a bad dream and in his sleep shouted, “NO NO NO! Don't do it!” Carman shot up to the top bunk. Joey was talkin' in his sleep but Carman took it as a word from the Lord and the rest is history. HIS story.
Carman was about 9 or 10 here, sitting out on the stoop with a cute little puppy. And yep, that's the famous dimple! A fan colorized it for us so we thought it would be fun to show you both versions!
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